Dr. Amanda Van Pelt - Veterinarian


Dr. Amanda Van Pelt is a native of western Nebraska, where she grew up riding horses, herding cattle, and rescuing kittens.

A die-hard Husker, she attended the University of Nebraska for an undergraduate degree in Animal Science before graduating in 2012 with her DVM from the joint Nebraska-Iowa State program.

She migrated to the mountains of Laramie, Wyoming after graduation; working on horses, cattle, and all the furry pets at 7220 feet of elevation. After several years of oxygen deprivation, Amanda decided to add a little adventure to her career by accepting a job as an Explosive Detection Canine veterinarian in the Middle East. After 3 years of working in the sand and sun- and much to the delight of her mother- Amanda returned home to the US. Upon returning, she chose to take another passion of hers, fitness and health, for a spin; and worked for several years as a CrossFit coach and nutrition specialist. In the last several years, she has returned to contract work overseas, taking care of some very hardworking canines.

When not working, there's a great chance that you will find her in a CrossFit gym lifting heavy objects, where she still works part-time (come join her at Warehouse 351!). The true love of her life is a charming 18-year-old cat named Stewart, who has lived in more states than most people. Despite these numerous passions, Dr. Van Pelt still finds herself at peace the most when sitting on the back of a horse.

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